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ACS - Army Community Service. A place on an active military installation that provides programs and services to improve the quality of life of military families on active duty. A Family Support Center for the Army.
Active Components. The active duty forces of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.
Active Duty. Full-time duty in active military services of the United States.
Active Installation. A base, post, fort, or station which is in continuous use by the active components of the services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps).
AIT - Advanced Individual Training. Special skill training given after successful completion of Basic Training.
Alert. Any form of communications used by a competent authority to notify unit commanders that a deployment may be pending.
Allotment. An amount of the pay of military personnel which is sent to another person or to an institution. The actual amount is determined by the service member.
AWOL - Absent Without Leave. To be away from the military without proper authorization. The service member can be punished for this offense.
BAQ - Basic Allowance for Quarters. Allowance given to the service member when he/she lives at home.
BAS - Basic Allowance for Subsistence. An allowance given to the service member for food when he/she lives at home.
Battalion. A military unit organized with a headquarters and two or more companies.
Battery. A company-sized unit in Artillery units.
BDU - Battle Dress Uniform. The camouflage working uniform.
BT - Basic Training. The training in basic military subjects given to all new enlisted personnel of the armed forces.
BX - Base Exchange. Department store on base where service members and families can purchase household items. Also known as MCX, NEX, and PX. When authorized to use the Exchange (or commissary), you can shop at any military installation. For example, an Army family could shop at a Navy Exchange or commissary.
CG - Commanding General. The general officer in charge of a unit.
Chain of Command. The organization within the unit which lists who works for whom. Everyone in the chain of command is tasked to help those below him/her in the unit and to care for their families.
Chain of Concern. The spouse equivalent of the chain of command. There is no formal authority, but if properly used, issues affecting the family can be brought to the chain of command's attention for appropriate action.
CHAMPUS. Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services.
CO - Commanding Officer. The boss for whom the service member works. The CO is responsible for everything that happens or does not happen within the unit.
Commissary. Grocery store on an active installation where service members and families can purchase food, beverages, etc., at prices usually lower than in civilian stores.
Company. The basic administrative and tactical unit in the Army. On a command level, a company is below a battalion and above a platoon.
CONUS - The Continental United States. (48 states and the
District of Columbia). This defines certain limitations to space-available travel on military aircraft.
D-Day. The day on which an operation begins or is due to begin. This may be the start of hostilities of any operation.
DEERS - Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System. DEERS maintains a list of all people who are authorized medical care or may use CHAMPUS.
Dependent (alternative term is family member). A legal term used for a person receiving all or a portion of necessary financial support from a service member. Family members who are eligible legal dependents may be authorized an identification card and certain benefits and/or entitlements. Refer to the Benefits and Entitlements section of this book, and ask your personnel or legal assistance officer for advice on this matter.
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival.
ETS - Expiration of Term of Service. The date that marks the end of a service member's military enlistment or commitment.
Family Member. See Dependent.
Family Support Center. A place on an active military installation that provides programs and services to improve the quality of life of military families on active duty.The Army Community Service Center is a Family Support Center.
Family Support Group. An officially sanctioned volunteer organization formed by a unit that provides information to and a support network for families and soldiers, especially during periods of separation.
First Sergeant. The term used for the senior enlisted member of some units. It is also a rank (see insignia chart).
FTX-Field Training Exercise. An opportunity for a unit to practice away from the home station.
IG - Inspector General. A person who may be able to help service members and families confidentially resolve problems if the chain of command cannot resolve the problem. An IG also inspects and reports on the readiness of units.
IMA - Individual Mobilization Augmentee. A specially qualified reservist pre-assigned to a critical position in an organization.
IRR - Individual Ready Reserve. Members of the Ready Reserve that are not assigned to be Selected Reserve and are not on active duty.
JAG - Judge Advocate General. A military lawyer.
Leave. Military vacation time. For each month of active service, 2.5 days of leave are credited. Emergency leave is granted if a verified emergency requires the presence of the service member.
LES - Leave and Earnings Statement. A monthly report of pay received for military duty. If the member is on active duty for more than 30 days, a record of leave (vacation time) is also reported.
MCX - Marine Corps Exchange. See Base Exchange.
MOS - Military Occupational Specialty. A combination of numbers and letters that identify an Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve member's specific military skill.
National Guard. The National Guard has a dual status and mission. As a reserve component of the Army and Air Force of the United States, the National Guard is a Mobilization Day force, thoroughly trained, equipped, and ready for immediate service in a national emergency. The State National Guard provides organizations and personnel for the Reserve (Federal) component and preserves peace, order, and public safety in the states during local emergencies.
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer. An enlisted person with a minimum rank of Corporal or Sergeant.
NCOIC - Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge. The NCO responsible for a group of enlisted personnel.
NCOER - Non-commissioned Officer Evaluation Report. The written report of a non-commissioned officer's performance of duty.
NEX - Naval Exchange. See Base Exchange.
OER - Officer Evaluation Report. The written report of an officer'sperformance of duty.
OIC - Officer in Charge. The officer responsible for a group of soldiers.
PCS - Permanent Change of Station. Reassignment of military personnel from one permanent station to another. This includes the change from home to first station when called to active duty, or the change from last station to home in connection with retirement or relief from active duty. It also means a unit transfer from one permanent station to another.
Port of Embarkation. An air or sea terminal where troops, units, military-sponsored personnel and material board and/or are loaded.
PX - Post Exchange. See Base Exchange.
RC - Reserve Components. RC consist of the Army National Guard of the United States, the Air National Guard of the United States, the United States Army Reserve, Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air Force Reserve, and Coast Guard Reserve. In each Reserve Component, there are three categories: Ready Reserve, Standby Reserve and Retired Reserve. Each reservist will be assigned to one of these categories.
Ready Reserve. Units and unit members of the Reserve Components as well as individuals liable for involuntary active duty in time of war, a national emergency as declared by Congress, a national emergency declared by the President, or when otherwise authorized by law.
Retired Reserve. The Retired Reserve consists of those individuals placed on the Reserve Retired list by proper authority in accordance with law or regulations. If qualified, members of the Retired Reserve may be ordered to active duty involuntarily in time of war or national emergency declared by Congress or when otherwise authorized by law. This action is taken when the Secretary of the Army decides that adequate numbers of qualified individuals in the required categories are not readily available in the Ready Reserve or inactive status in the Standby Reserve. Selected Reserve. That portion of the Ready Reserve consisting of units required to participate in Inactive Duty Training and Annual Training in a pay status and as designated by the Secretary of the Army.
Separate Rations Allowance. An allowance given to the service member when he/she lives at home.
SGLI - Servicemen's Group Life Insurance. Up to $200,000 worth of insurance coverage that can be elected by the service member.
Sponsor. The husband, wife, parent, or guardian who is in the military. A service member is assigned to welcome and help a new unit member and his or her family get adjusted and acquainted with other unit members. The two service members are usually of the same rank and marital status.
Standby Reserve. Those units and members of the Reserve Components (other than ones in the Ready Reserve or Retired Reserve) who are liable for active duty only after the Secretary of the Army determines that there are not enough of the required units or qualified individuals available in the Ready Reserve.
TA-50. Field clothing and equipment.
TDY - Temporary Duty. Duty performed at a location other than the home station.
Uniformed Services Medical Treatment Facility. A military hospital.
United States Army. The United States Army includes the Regular Army, the National Guard of the United States, and the Army Reserve, all persons appointed, enlisted, or inducted in these components, and all persons serving in the Army under call or conscription under any provision of law, including members of the National Guard of the States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, when in the service of the United States as a result of mobilization.
USAR - United States Army Reserve. Includes the Selected Reserve (units), the Individual Ready Reserve (individuals and IMAs), and the Retired Reserve.

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